Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Chosen Abilities Resource Center, Inc. is to strengthen and unify communities through economic empowerment that will address the multi-faceted needs of low-income children and families. Chosen Abilities is a community organization dedicated to improving the educational attainment, human welfare, and opportunities for youth, adults and families in DeKalb County, Georgia. We are committed to serving the people in our communities by providing self sufficient skills and encouragement.

Mentorship and Empowerment

Mentorship and empowerment is the promotion of a person's physical, mental and emotional state. The basic goal here is to help get a person readjusted and situated within their community.


"When we things got hard and we had no where to turn Chosen Abilities was there to get us back on track."

— Anonymous

"Chosen Abilities heart is for the people and to strengthen their community one step at a time, Thank You Guys!."

— Anonymous